Life Enrichment Christian Counseling Center
Please fill out and forward to your counselor



Thank you for coming to the Life Enrichment Christian Counseling Center (LECCC). In doing so you have given us your confidence. Please take a few minutes to read the following information that helps describe the counseling process.
We want you to know right from the start we will work to the fullest extent of our abilities to return the confidence you have given us. Our hope and prayer is that the time spent together in counseling will be valuable, rewarding and life changing. Since it’s inception in 1981 we have been committed to working from a Christian perspective. While addressing the same problems and difficulties that any other counselor would face our focus will be from a biblical foundation.  LECCC staff counselors are not licensed social workers or licensed psychotherapists.  
All successful counseling requires hard work for both of us. Prayer, commitment, patience, openness, and complete honesty are but a few of those elements of hard work necessary to bring about a resolution to your problems. So please pray for your counselor and for each session and its impact on your life. Please do your utmost to keep every session. Because of the high commitment we bring to the counseling process cancellations of appointments will be accepted without pay only because of emergencies. If you need to cancel an appointment please do so twenty-four hours in advance or we will have to charge for the session.
Be sure to do each and every assignment given to you and bring them back to your counseling session the following week.
Information with the fee structure was given you with these guidelines.   We ask that payment for your sessions be paid directly to your counselor at the end of each session (cash or check). Please make checks payable to the "Life Enrichment Christian Counseling Center" or "LECCC."
If at all possible we would ask you to leave small children at home unless you are seeking counseling for help regarding them. If it is necessary that you bring your child please see that he/she is occupied in the waiting room during the counseling session. For liability reasons children are not permitted to leave the waiting room at any time unless the parent and counselor give permission.
If you have any questions concerning the credentials of our counselors, or about these procedures and guidelines, or anything else pertaining to our counseling services, please feel free to discuss them with your counselor.
We look forward to our time together and hope our services will be beneficial to you.
Thank you.


I have read and understood the Life Enrichment Christian
Counseling Centers’ Guidelines. Because counseling is
the giving of advice of which I am free to accept or reject,
I alone accept full responsibility for any consequences
received from my counseling at the
Life Enrichment Christian Counseling Center.